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Head of Brains

Good management is the art of making solutions on time.
We value your brainstorming, ideas and achievements.
The Management Team

Our management team comprises of idealist who lead the path for Varologic Technologies in its journey to being a comprehensive leader in business and technology services, aiding our clients bring the future of work to life - TODAY

Vikram Lashkari
Vikram Lashkari Founder & Managing Director

The founder of Varologic Technologies is a visionary leader who oversees the corporate direction and successful....

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Shalu Lashkari
Shalu Lashkari CEO

The co-founder and a key decision maker of the Company has been the ultimate strategic leader who is leading....

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Mitesh Lashkari
Mitesh Lashkari CFO

He is pioneering financial leadership nurturing the growth of Varologic Technologies, since its inception in 2007....

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Rakesh Lashkari
Rakesh Lashkari CTO

He always is into monitoring of new technologies and assessing their potential to become new products or services....

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