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Head of Brains

Good management is the art of making solutions on time.
We value your brainstorming, ideas and achievements.
Shalu Lashkari
Shalu Lashkari

Shalu Lashkari, CEO of Varologic Technologies is the co-founder and a key decision maker of the Company. Shalu has been the ultimate strategic leader who is leading the Company from the front.

She drives initiatives to improve the brand visibility of the Company with cutting-edge marketing plans that have led to size-able growth in customer base, workforce and revenue. Her strategic inputs have consistently enabled the Organization to succeed and exceed performance benchmarks in the backdrop of globally competitive business scenario - maximizing business performance, enhancing profit levels and team and staff satisfaction, driving growth and productivity.

An effective communicator with excellent leadership, problem-solving and planning skills, Shalu believes that “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”.

She enjoys indulging in music, reading books and watching documentaries at leisure and has a strong commitment to make a difference in society at large.

Her motto in life: Everyone who passes through our lives offers us something to learn. All are priceless in their own ways, you just need to be open to imbibe”

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