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eBay Store Management

We specialize in developing a comprehensive, store management software aimed to
reduce the constraints on your time and increase your profitability online.

eBay offers sellers of all genres the opportunity to sell items to millions of users from all around the globe. However managing this remarkable resource can become very time intensive and lead to poor decision making. However Varologic has development a comprehensive, store management software aimed and reducing the constraints on your time and increase your profitability online.

Software Capabilities
  • Template Editor & Universal Template
    Create a template and produce uniform listings by taking advantage of our editing function
  • Auto Customer Notifications
    Notify customer of their order progress at the touch of a button
  • Customer Service Management
    Offer your customers a first class service, maintaining a comprehensive consumer database
  • Fraud Prevention System
    Helps to identify potential fraudulent orders before it too late
  • Pre-Programmable Listing Control (Day, Time & Frequency)
    Preset listings to begin at pre-determined intervals
  • Invoice Printing/Emailing
    Automatically generates a sales invoice, which can be sent via email or by post including shipping label***
  • Refunds
    Save time logging into PayPal to process refunds, authorise refunds at the click of a button
  • Pre-listing Margin Checker
    Enables users to check how profitable a sale item will be prior to generating the listing
  • Fee Summary
    Helps sellers maintain a thorough record of the fees they have incurred for listings
  • Sales Database
    Maintain a database of customers for future reference
  • Multiple Users
    Create multiple logins and customise user profiles to restrict access to certain functions
  • Stock Control*
    Identify stock shortages quickly and deal with them effectively using our stock control utility
  • Purchase Price History*
    Keep track of previous purchase prices to help steam line the purchasing process
  • Auto Customer Notifications
    Create a supplier database, generate and email purchase orders using our purchasing facility
  • Returns Management Application*
    Manage your returns quickly and effectively
  • Goods in Control*
    Log your purchase delivery notes against our purchase ordering system to identify supplier errors/omissions
  • Stock Conscious Listings (Listing and Ending)*
    Will automatically relist product when stock is replenished and end listing once stock has been fully allocated to existing orders
  • Product/Template/Listing Success Summary*
    Helps sellers to identify their top selling and most profitable lines instantly and eradicate slow selling unprofitable items
  • Barcode Integration**
    Enhanced feature that can be used to produce shipping labels, mark orders as shipped, search customer database etc.
*Requires stock control subscription
**Enhanced feature requires consultation
***Requires Varologic stationary for label printing
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